Royal Canadian Legion

Royal Canadian Legion New Branch #569

Location: 7 Frost Street, P.O. Box 398 Long Sault ON K0C 1P0
Phone Number
: 613-534-2235

History of the Long Sault Legion

The Royal Canadian Legion New Long Sault Branch 569 had its beginning in the inundated village of Mille Roches. A charter to operate as a Legion was issued on the 2nd of April 1946 where it served the communities of Mille Roches and Moulinette. At that time, it was known as Longue Sault (Ontario No. 404) Branch.

When in Mille Roches, they met at a church hall. In 1956, Dr. Messecar’s house which was in Mille Roches was sold to Ontario Hydro and moved to the then new village of Long Sault to 7 Frost Street. On November 21st, 1957, a new charter was issued by the Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League. This time, it was known as “The Royal Canadian Legion New Long Sault Branch 569. The Legion continues to serve our community from the Messecar home on Frost Street.

Activities Schedule – For Events see Calendar

General Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month in Sept, November, January, March and June. The annual general meeting is held on the 3rd Monday in May. Executive meets are held in October, December, February and April.

On Monday May 28, 2012 the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 569 held their regular and election meeting at the Legion on Frost Street.  Ken Heagle, President of Branch 297 Royal Canadian Legion, Cornwall, conducted the election of the executive.  The following comrades were elected to serve on the executive for the year June 2012 to May 2013:
President:  Larry Robertson
1st Vice-President:  Brian Shaver
2nd Vice-President:  Allan Whorrall
Executive Members:     Todd Robinson
                                        John Wrinn
                                        Peggy Robertson
                                        Charlie MacDonald
                                        Millie MacDonald
                                        Jack Crawford
Joan Wibberley was appointed as secretary.
The regular business meeting was conducted following the elections.
St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
Branch 569, New Long Sault Legion
A very successful St. Paddy’s Day celebration with a delicious Irish Stew, desserts, tea and coffee was enjoyed on Saturday 17 March 2012.  A special thank you to the devoted members who donated and prepared the ingredients for our delicious meal.  I also thank the band for their enjoyable and lively music and for extending their time.  Everyone had a wonderful time.
Thank you once again.
Larry Robertson, President

Canadian Flag

Canadian Flag

The Canadian Flag shall be given a place of Honour.

Flags flown together should be approximately the same size and flown from separate pikes / flagpoles, at the same height.
International usage, ie US flag,  forbids the displaying of the flag of one nation above that of another on the same flagpole.  You will require two (2) flagpoles.
No flag shall be flown or displayed above the Canadian flag.  The exception is where a flagpole has a gaff or yardarm.
When a flag becomes noticeably worn, faded or otherwise unfit for service, it should be disposed of privately by burning.  Do not put it in the garbage.  If you’re not sure what to do with it, drop it off at your local Legion.
Should you require more information on the Canadian Flag etiquette, contact your local Royal Canadian Legion.
A. G. Whorrall C.D.
Captain (Retired)